Join us in an intimate cooking class and get to the heart of authentic Greek ingredients, techniques, history and flavors.

A class in authentic Greek traditional cuisine is sure to spark your appetite and inspire you. Everyone is invited to participate in the cooking demonstration and afterwards you'll taste each sensational dish.

Ingredients such as honey, feta, olives, virgin olive oil, lemon, pungent Greek oregano, herbs and spices are commonly used in our Greek cooking classes. These are the building blocks of the Mediterranean diet - recognized as one of the healthiest in the world.

  • Traditional filo pastry opening demonstration for pies, filled with fresh local ingredients to create your cheese pie, spinach pie etc.
  • Greek salad, vegetables mixed with feta cheese from local farms, extra virgin olive oil, oregano. (more salads available)
  • Greek xalvas with simigdali-meal, a very tasty sweet made with simple ingredients.
  • Wine taste of a variety of local red and white wines, such as the unique Mercury vineyard, and local home producers.